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A Team Built By Experience




When you work with Protolab Manufacturing, its managers, manufacturing and process engineers, technical support personnel, machine operators and experienced assemblers make up your high performance product team.

Everyone at Protolab actively participates in ongoing internal training to stay on top of our dynamically changing industry.

Company management has created a unique blend of personalised service coupled with innovative manufacturing.

Protolab is a recognised leader in the state for producing high-quality electronic circuit board assemblies. Protolab with its full service facilities use state-of-the-art equipment to provide proto, pilot, and turnkey solutions.

Senior manufacturing and process engineers, experienced assemblers, machine operators, supervisors and technical support personnel comprise the team dedicated to every project.

For nearly 20 years, our focus on the customer service approach to business has allowed our company to prosper as one of the industry’s premier small volume solution providers.

Circuit board assemblies manufactured by Protolab cover the four corners of the globe, in a variety of advanced applications. For example, Microsoft cost reduction prototypes for the Xbox and other projects, our circuit boards enable water monitoring and control systems in under developed countries in Africa and India. Palm order systems for restaurant chains throughout the UK, US and Australia.

Regardless of the complexity of your requirements, Protolabs advanced technologies, expertise and competitive pricing will help enhance the value of your product.


Understanding our customer’s business methods are essential. At the beginning of each customer relationship, we conduct in-depth interviews to define expectations and establish requirements that will drive a successful outcome.

In the early and developmental stages of a new project cycle, we conduct on-site meetings with our customers to establish clear channels of communication. Senior members of our team will use a series of key outcomes to identify and manage project elements, while ongoing program management helps synchronize viewpoints between Protolab and our customers. This approach ensures all parties work efficiently and effectively together to meet project goals.

Protolab Manufacturing helps you achieve your fastest and most reliable path to market. We can accelerate your design and production cycle requirements while minimizing the risks associated with aggressive manufacturing schedules.

Working with you through our customer liaison staff we identify the critical path procurement, assembly, design for manufacturability issues. We then use our systems, methodologies and processes to build your product quickly. This approach ensure that all your scheduling parameters are consistently met and that the highest quality product goes out the door.


Client Success Stories: Hear What Our Clients Say

I was introduced to ProtoLabs at the beginning of 2023.

From there I was welcomed and shown around the Manufacturing factory.

I have since then worked with ProtoLabs to build a working prototype and design for my innovations. Which Nathon has been very kind and upfront with me about every decision made, which always works in favour of producing a positive result.


I have worked with 2 other electronic and engineering factories in the past around Perth.


ProtoLabs is the one I will be recommending by far.


CEO & Founder - Over 3 Oceans

We have used Protolab on a couple of projects now, one in particular for the mining sector and have had zero issues.  Nathon has been very helpful during the design process and extremely accommodating with any last-minute changes we needed to make.

The end product arrived on time, was well finished, well packed and we have not experienced a single failure in the field.  I look forward to some new projects coming in 2024 that I feel comfortable we can achieve by having Protolab as a valuable partner.


Technical Director - Light Application

Protolab has been our trusted partner for the past two years, providing high-quality and reliable electronic circuit boards for our safety systems. They have always delivered on time, within budget, and with excellent customer service. We appreciate their expertise, flexibility, and innovation in meeting our complex and changing needs.


We highly recommend Protolab to anyone looking for a professional and dependable electronics manufacturer.


Managing Director - Protective Engineered Safety

As an electronics development company, we require quick and reliable turnaround on our prototypes as well as long-term scheduling on our production runs. For nearly 20 years, Protolab has helped us meet these requirements. I find that Protolab are very diligent and always ensure they interpret our instructions correctly before proceeding, which always results with us receiving exactly what we ask for. 

I find Nathon and his staff very approachable and have no hesitation in recommending Protolab to any of my clients for their assembly needs.


Manager - LogiCAD

Protolab has proven time and time again that they are one of the leading electronics manufacturers for a reason.

Their exceptional service, quality control, foresight and engineering expertise have given our company the confidence it needs to pursue both rapid development and large-scale production without compromise.


Engineering & Manufacturing Manager - Molycop

Our dedication towards a sustainable future goes beyond mere compliance with regulations. We firmly believe in taking concrete steps to preserve our environment and safeguard our planet for future generations. 


Here at ProtoLab Manufacturing, we have invested in low-water-consumption and low-energy-use technologies for the production and storage of our products, as well as partaking in conscious recycling during and post-production, and implementing workflow procedures to optimize high-energy machines by waiting until a minimum mass is reached before switching on.


We are also excited to commence building upgrades in 2024 that will see the introduction of solar as well as insulated storage and work areas to reduce energy loss.

Building a
Sustainable Future


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